Vasectomy only helps the process of the sperm getting out during the process of ejaculation. Testicles remain in their positions and their physiological function remains identical with the function of testicles prior the surgery, without any influence upon masculine characteristics as well as without lowering of libido levels.


Vasectomy is the first surgical method of masculine contraception and the only widely available effective method of family planning by men. It possesses a few substantial advantages, which cannot be offered by any other birth control method.


Vasectomy is a quite simple surgery. Which is connected to the execution of the closure of the deferent duct clearance, with the application of the surgical method, which cuts off the access of semen to the final deferent duct section.


Vasectomy does not impose the stoppage upon the process of semen creation, but since there exist no possibility for their escaping, similarly as in the case of celibacy, they are absorbed by the human body. The post surgery status does not influence the libido nor does it cause impotence.


Can it be classified as the method of contraception?


One of the most renowned Australian authors Derek Llewellyn-Jones in his book entitled: “Everywoman”, which discusses women problems, states what follows on the topic of family planning:


“Vasectomy should be clearly differentiated from sterilisation-castration, during the execution of which men testicles are surgically removed.”

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